Football Gossip’s editors, writers and contributors are as follows:

Bill Kendal

Bill has been with Football Gossip since it began in 2011. He is an Arsenal fan and contributes stories chiefly about the Gunners. His favourite footballing moment was the 2-0 victory over Liverpool in 1989 that snatched the league title away from the Merseyside club. Bill has a degree in accounting and a background in business finance. He was appointed the site’s editor-in-chief in June 2018.
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Brian Harwood

Brian Harwood is a lifelong Manchester United fan. He contributes stories about United and principally about the club’s transfer targets. He has been a football writer for many years and returned to the UK in 2010 having spent time watching and writing about Serie A in Italy.
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Brian Marshall

Brian writes on a variety of topics. He is also our tech guru and WordPress expert. He is also part of the Football Gossip editorial team planning content strategy.
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Kenny Gibson

Kenny Gibson is our European football writer with particular expertise on La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga. Kenny is a fan of Wigan Athletic FC and his favourite moment was watching the side win the 2013 FA Cup Final with a victory over Manchester City.
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Mike Penwortham

Mike has been with Football Gossip since it was formed. He is reponsible for general football articles and is also in charge of social media strategy.
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Ted Ashton

Ted Ashton is part of our general football staff and contributes stories on a daily basis. He joined Football Gossip having picked up a degree in psychology.
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Occasional contributors:

Des Nogalski

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Kevin Gray

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Silvio Hardman

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