Arsenal: Mertesacker Urges Ozil To Make A Difference

“Step Up And Deliver”

Mesut Ozil Arsenal transfer news
image: Ronnie MacDonald

Former Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker has called on midfielder Mesut Ozil to return to the side and to put in the sort of displays he knows he’s capable of.

Ozil has yet to make a first-team appearance this season following an attempted car-jacking in north London.

In an interview with TalkSport, Mertesacker was aasked if Ozil – with whom he played at Werder Bremen and in the Germany national team as well as at Arsenal – could play a bigger role in the side this season.

 “Yeah, and he needs to. There’s no doubt about that,” Mertesacker replied.

“He needs to play at this best, when he is a leader on the field because of his actions with the football, because of this magic touch no one has in the squad. No one has that in the squad and we really need that.

“I want him to be as fit as possible and the manager to get the best out of him by putting him in the number ten position, because that’s him playing him at his best.

“But the manager has requirements for that to happen. So I wish that Mesut puts a shift in, gets fit as quickly as possible and blows everyone away again.

“There’s a lot of doubt with him, but he can deliver and that’s what’s stuck with me through all our years at Bremen, the Germany national team and Arsenal, that he has the capability of doing so.

“We’re in a situation where we need players to step up. Everyone is asking: ‘Who is the captain? Who are the leaders?’

“We need players who step up on the field and show what they’ve capable of, and I have a good feeling we have a lot of people who can do that.”