La Liga Refuses PSG’s €222m Cheque For Neymar!

La Liga Says Termination Clause Can Only Be Paid By A Spanish Club

Neymar La Liga

Lawyers representing Paris Saint-Germain were turned away by La Liga when they arrived with a cheque for Neymar’s €222million release fee with Barcelona.

Juan de Dios Crespo, a lawyer specialising in sports law and the director of the sports department of the Madrid-based law firm of Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo, was in charge of depositing the cheque La Liga’s office in Madrid. He arrived along with four other lawyers from his firm. However, the five were turned away by La Liga officials [video here].

La Liga chief executive Javier Gómez said later that the league had rejected the payment because the payment of a termination clause is a right that can only be exercised by Spanish club. However, he added that La Liga has no record of the origin of the money.

On Wednesday, La Liga president Javier Tebas insisted that his organisation wouldn’t accept any payment from PSG for Neymar.

“We will not accept that money from a club like PSG,” he said.

“It would be a contradiction to accept that payment. If PSG arrives with the release clause money of Neymar we will not accept it.”

Tebas has been true to his word.

But while La Liga’s decision has delayed Neymar’s transfer it won’t prevent it completely. Paris Saint-Germain are expected to appeal to Fifa to allow the deal to go through – at least temporarily. That is likely to be granted. However, the matter will end up with Uefa and they will investigate whether or not the transfer breaks their Financial Fair Play rules.

PSG and Neymar have signed a deal with Qatar Sports Investments, the company that owns the Ligue 1 club and which in turn is owned by the Qatari state. That deal will allow Neymar to become the public face of the 2022 World Cup which is due to he held in Qatar.

In return, QSI have paid PSG the sum of €300million. It is this aspect of the transfer that has angered La Liga and which Uefa will have to look in to.