Champions League Prize Money 2014-15. Juventus Are Biggest Earners

Italian Champions Pick Up €89m

Juventus – and not competition winners Barcelona – won the most prize money in the Champions League in 2014/15. The Serie A winners and Champions League runners-up picked up €89.1million (£65.3million) from last season’s competition. Barcelona’s €61million (£44.6million) came despite them winning the title.

The discrepancy between the two figures is because of the Italian market pool. TV rights are split depending on how much broadcasters in each country have paid for the rights to broadcast Champions League games. The €93million paid by Italian broadcasters was split between just two teams who had qualified for the group stages, Juventus and Roma. Spain’s €80million was split four ways, between Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

The highest-earning Premier League club was Manchester City who picked up €45.85million (£33.3million). Chelsea earned €39.23million (£28.5million), Arsenal €36.38million (£26.4million) and Liverpool €33.59million (£24.4million). No English club got further than the last 16. The team with the lowest earnings were BATE Borisov who picked up €12.965million.

Each of the 32 clubs who make it through to the group stages earn €8.6million just for taking part. Teams who come through the play-offs pick up an additional €2.1million. Each team gets €500,000 per point won in the group stages. Qualifiers for the round of 16 get a further €3.5million. There is €3.9million for each of the quarter-finalists, €4,9million for the semi-finalists, the beaten finalists get €6.5million and the winners €10.5million.

Uefa Champions League prizemoney earning 2014-15