Real Madrid, Barcelona Coin In Most from Shirt Deals

Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona have the biggest kit deals of any club in the world, according to figures released today.

The two sides, who have dominated Spanish football in recent years, are some way ahead of Premier League sides such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea says research analyst Dr Peter Rohlmann and his team at the consulting bureau PR Marketing.

According to Dr Rohmann, Real’s deal with Adidas is the biggest in world football, worth £31million a year (that’s 38million euro or $49million). Barcelona’s deal with Nike brings in £27million euro a year (33million euro; $43million).

The rest of the list is dominated by clubs from England and Italy. Premier League giants Manchester United are in third place; their deal with Nike is worth £25.4million while Liverpool and Chelsea pick up £25million and £20million respectively from their deals with Warrior and Adidas. Manchester City are in eighth place with a deal with Nike worth just under £15million.

Other clubs on the list are Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan; however, Arsenal don’t appear in the top ten.

While those amounts represent minimum income, the number of shirts sold per season shows a greater disparity.

According to Dr Rohmann, both Manchester United and Real Madrid have averaged shirt sales of 1.4million per season over the past five years. Barcelona are the only other club to average over a million sales a year with a five-year average of 1.15million. Of the other Premier League sides whose sales have been declared Chelsea have averaged 910,000 a year, Liverpool 810,000 and Arsenal 800,000.

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